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Aletsch Glacier

Besides Brig, there is a northwestern ridge belonging to the Aletsch area including the spas Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiesch. Moreover, the opposite slope in the west with the Blatten-Belalp belong to that area.

At the foot of the Aletsch area, surrounded by majestic giant mountains, there is the mysteriously rumbling Aletsch glacier, the longest ice current of the Alps. The dark Swiss pine woods, the fair larches and the magnificent flora of the Alps give the place a lively-fresh scent.

The breathtaking panorama on the opposite side of the Rhone valley - the Mischabel group, the Matterhorn, and the Weisshorn - belong to an intensive experience of nature.

Besides the winter sports pleasures in a picturesque landscape, hiking also belongs to the Aletsch area: offers include easy walking tours through woods and meadows, as well as demanding and guided glacier and mountain tours.

Aletsch glacier

Aletsch glacier. The lenght is over 20 km.

This is the most glaciated part of the Alps, containing Europe's largest glacier and a range of classic glacial features such as U-shaped valleys, cirques, horn peaks and moraines. It provides an outstanding geological record of the uplift and compression that formed the High Alps. The diversity of flora and wildlife is represented in a range of Alpine and sub-Alpine habitats and plant colonization in the wake of retreating glaciers provides an outstanding example of plant succession. The impressive vista of the North Wall of the High Alps, centered on the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks, has played an important role in European art and literature.

Aletsch glacier

Aletsch glacier


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