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Rivers in Switzerland

Aar, or German Aare, is the greatest river which both rises and ends entirely within Switzerland. Its total length (including all...
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Albula is a river of Switzerland, a tributary of Hinterrhein (near Thusis). Length: 36 km (22.37 mi), Basin: 950 km² (590 mi²). read more
The Arve river flows for approximately 100km (62 miles) through France, in the département of...
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The Birs (French: Birse) is a 73-km long river in Switzerland, that flows through the Jura region...
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  Gorge of the Aare Meiringen
Over thousands of years the tumbling waters of the young Aare gradually eroded a passage by rushing and gurgling their way ever deeper...
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The Birsig river is a small river, which sources in eastern France near the Swiss border. The Birsig...
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Breggia is a Swiss-Italian river. The springs are around the Monte Generoso and Monte d'Orimento in the Val d'Intelvi at an elevation...
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The Emme is a river in Switzerland. It rises in the Alps between the peaks of Hohgant and Augstmatthorn...
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  Maggia Valley
It has a network of 700 km of hiking trails passing through a richly varied world of fauna and flora past nearly 40 mountain lakes....
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The Inn is a river in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It is a right tributary of the Danube and...
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Julia (Romansh: Gelgia) is a river in the Grisons canton, eastern Switzerland. It is a tributary...
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The Kander River is a river in Switzerland. It is a tributary of the Aar River. It is 44 km long and has a watershed of 1,126 km²....
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The Limmat is a river in Switzerland which rises in the city of Zürich at the north end of Lake Zürich and flows in northwestern...
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The Maggia is a river in the Swiss canton of Ticino. The springs are near the Cristallina mountain...
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The Mera River (Maira River in Switzerland) is a river in Switzerland and Italy. Its source is near...
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  Reichenbach Falls Meiringen
The beauty of the mighty waterfall - height of drop 100 m - and the scenic charms of the surroundings have been described since tourism...
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The Reuss is a river in Switzerland. With a length of 158 kilometres (98 mi) and a drainage basin of 3,425 square kilometres (1,322...
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  Rhône River
Before railroads and highways were invented, the Rhône was an important inland trade and , Macon and Chalons. Smaller vessels (up...
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The Rhine River (German Rhein, French Rhin, Dutch Rijn) is at 1,320 km (820 miles) one of the longest...
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Saane (in German) or Sarine (in French) is one of the largest rivers in Switzerland. It is 128 km long and has a drainage area of 1,892...
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The Sihl is a river of Switzerland. It rises at Drusberg in the Canton of Schwyz. It passes through the Sihlsee near Einsiedeln, and...
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The river Simme is a tributary of the river Kander in the Bernese Oberland in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. It's approximately...
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  Staubbach waterfalls Lauterbrunnen
People were fascinated by the 300 m high Staubbach Falls as early as the Middle Ages. The milky-white waters thundering down over...
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The Töss is a river of the Canton of Zürich. It rises in the Zürcher Oberland, flows along the Tösstal past Winterthur, and joins...
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  The Giessbach Falls Brienz
The Giessbach Falls are among Switzerland's loveliest waterfalls. The huge masses of water plunging down over 14 levels of rock...
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  The Rhine Falls Neuhausen
Near Schaffhausen the Rhine River offers visitors the glorious spectacle of the largest waterfall in Europe. At a width of 150...
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Thur is a 131 km long river in north-eastern Switzerland. Its source is near the mountain Säntis in the south-east of the canton of...
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The river Ticino (German: Tessin; Latin: Ticinus) is a tributary of the Po. It rises in the St. Gotthard massif in Switzerland and...
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The Toce is a river in Piedmont, Italy. It is 76 kilometers long and its source is situated on the...
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The river Tresa leaves Lake Lugano at a point between Lavena Ponte Tresa in Italy and Ponte Tresa in Switzerland and flows into Lake...
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  Trient Gorge/Pissevache-Waterfalls (Vernayaz)
The Trient river, which rose from the glacier of the same name, gouged the 200 metre-deep gorge in the rocks. The impressive, 114...
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