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About Swiss People

Famous people in Switzerland
Find out all about the famous people in Switzerland.

   Drugs and alcohol
Tobacco consumption is widespread in Switzerland. In 2003 the Federal Office of Health put the number of smokers at about one third...
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   Education in Switzerland
Switzerland prides itself on its high standard of publicly-funded education. As a country with few natural resources, its prosperity...
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   Family life
People marry relatively late; they concentrate on their training and career before they start a family. Swiss women are among the oldest...
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   Language distribution
Switzerland has four national languages, but they vary greatly in the number of speakers. German German is by...
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Membership of Christian churches has shrunk in recent years. In a wideranging poll of Swiss attitudes taken in 2000, only 16% of Swiss...
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   The Swiss population
Since 1972 fewer children have been born than is necessary for continued population growth. In 1998 there were more deaths than births...
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   Women equality
Switzerland has had a law establishing equality between men and women since 1981. The Federal Office for the Equality of Women and...
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