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Panorama from Eggishorn
Swiss Music

  Adrian Weyermann
Don't really believe anymore that my heart can show me the way. Each time it is close to feeling ok, somebody or something or...
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  Jesus Christ Superstar Musical
Das Musical Jesus Christ Superstar wurde am 12. Oktober 1971 in New York uraufgeführt. Die Premiere begeisterte, löste aber auch...
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  Heidi Musical
Inszeniert wird «Heidi – Das Musical, Teil 2» als Doppelgeschichte, in der Johanna Spyris Lebensrealität die Welt ihrer...
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  Space Dream Musical
Story SPACE DREAM 1 Eine Geschichte zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit SPACE DREAM beginnt ganz irdisch: Reachel wird von ihrem...
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  DJ Bobo
DJ BOBO is a producer, composer, writer, singer and dancer in one person. The artists whose real name is René Baumann, was born...
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  Folk music
Due to a lack of detailed records, little is known about Swiss folk music prior to the 19th century. Some 16th century lute tablatures...
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  Music of Switzerland
Switzerland has long had a distinct cultural identity, despite its diversity of German, French and other ethnicities. Religious and...
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  Pop and Rock
Later in the 20th century, in the 1960s, rock and roll, or beat music, was popular, peaking in 1968 with the release of Les Sauterelles'...
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  Susan Orus
I am very grateful to be able not to just dream my dreams, but also to live and experience them!" In autumn 2002, Susan Orus will...
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  Tony Lewis
Singer-songwriter TONY LEWIS is one of the hottest and most sought-after live acts on the European scene. Together with his band...
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   Werner Thomas
Werner Thomas (born circa 1931) is an accordionist from Switzerland credited with composing a tune popularly known as the Chicken Dance...
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Yodeling (or yodelling) is a form of singing that involves rapidly switching from the "chest voice" to the "head voice" making a high-low-high-low...
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