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Mountaineering is the sport or hobby or profession of walking, hiking and climbing up mountains. It is also sometimes known as alpinism, particularly in Europe. It may be said to consist of two main aspects, rock-craft and snow-craft, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock or over snow and ice. Both require great gymnastic and technical ability, but experience is also very important part of the latter.

The craft of climbing has been developed to avoid two main types of danger: the danger of things falling on the traveller and the danger...
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   Falling Rocks
Every rock mountain is slowly disintegrating due to erosion, the process being especially rapid above the snow-line. Rock faces are...
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   Falling Ice
The places where ice may fall can always be determined beforehand. It falls in the broken parts of glaciers (seracs) and from overhanging...
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   Snow Avalanches
The avalanche is the most underestimated danger in the mountains. People generally think that they will be able to recognise the hazards...
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   Two types of avalanches
There are two types of avalanche: The slab avalanche: This type of avalanche occurs when a plate of snow breaks loose and starts...
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   Falls from rocks
The skill of a rock climber is shown by his choice of handhold and foothold, and his adhesion to those he has chosen. Much depends...
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   Ice Slopes
For travel on slopes consisting of ice or hard snow, crampons are a standard part of a mountaineer's equipment. While step-cutting...
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   Snow Slopes
Part of the Haute Route on French, Swiss border; two alpinists can be seen following the trail in the snow.Snow slopes are very common,...
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Crevasses are the slits or deep chasms formed in the substance of a glacier as it passes over an uneven bed. They may be open or hidden....
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The primary dangers caused by bad weather centre around the changes it causes in snow and rock conditions, making movement suddenly...
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Rapid ascents can lead to altitude sickness. The best (and very effective) cure is to descend immediately. The climber's motto in...
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