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Historic Sites

  Historic Sites in Zürich
Hauptbahnhof Bahnhofplatz, Zürich, Switzerland 8001 This magnificent 1871 building is part of Bahnhofplatz,...
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  Palace of Stockalper
Brig's symbol The castle of Stockalper is a vast and generous residence and the most important baroque palace of Switzerland. The...
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  Augusta Raurica in Augst
Can there be any more authentic way of experiencing history than to walk among 2,000-year-old ruins, or to touch an object once held...
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  Aventicum in Avenches
During the Roman period, Aventicum was the capital city of the Helvetians, and Avenches remains one of the most important archaeological...
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  Castelgrande Bellinzona
The site of the Castelgrande has been fortified since at least the late 1st Century BC and until the 13th Century it was the only fortification...
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  Le château de Grandson
Magical medieval atmosphere! This medieval castle (11th to 14th century) occupying a commanding position over Lake Neuchâtel...
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  Gruyère Castle
Dominating the small city surrounded by walls where counts once lived, Gruyere Castle presents an interesting opportunity to find...
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  Castle Hünegg Hilterfingen
The castle on Lake Thun stands in a delightful park surrounded by venerable old trees. Commissioned by Baron von Parpart-von Bonstetten,...
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  Castle Lenzburg
Its oldest part consists of a spacious High Medieval complex which was the seat of the ruling Counts of Lenzburg, later of the Kyburg...
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  Château de Chillon in Montreux
The Château de Chillon is the thrilling culmination of centuries of human ingenuity and labour. Initially the Counts of Savoy wanted...
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  11th-century abbey church in Payerne
The 11th-century abbey church of Payerne is one of the most important Romanesque churches in Switzerland, with its harmonious spaces,...
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  Abbey Library/Cathedral St.Gallen
The spirit of the Benedictine Monks is still perceptible in the Abbey Library, which is said to be the most beautiful secular Rococo...
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  St. Ursanne and the Clos du Doubs
The Clos de Doubs natural reserve lies between the mountains and the river in the heart of the Jura region, 50 minutes away from Bale-ville...
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  The Pré-Giroud Fortress 1939 - 1945 in Vallo
Could there have been a better place than the pastures of Pré-Giroud for keeping watch over the German patrols on top of the Mont-d'Or?...
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  Castle of Wildegg
The Castle, its interior, outbuildings and gardens bear evidence of three Centuries, from the 17th to the 19th Century. From the...
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  St. Martin Church and Museum Zillis
St. Martin Church in Zillis is a cultural asset of international status. In the museum you will learn more about the history of this...
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  Fraumünster and Grossmünster in Zürich
Experience the rich past of Zürich step by step. A guided tour of the Zürich Old Town is well worth while: during a stroll through...
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  Historic Sites in Basel
Augusta Raurica Basel, Switzerland Situated on the Rhine, this ancient site features the refurbished remains of...
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  Benedictine Abbey in Einsiedeln
In the newly restored Benedictine Abbey you will find the Lady Chapel with the Black Madonna. Those who love nature and sports...
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  Historic Sites in Bern
Albert Einstein's Home Kramgasse 49, Bern, Switzerland Located on Kramgasse, a lovely street that contains many...
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  Castle Hohenklingen
Hohenklingen is a medieval castle situated on a ridge above Stein am Rhein at 961 meters above sea level. Its first buildings were...
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  Castle Kyburg
Situated on a ridge above the river Töss, Kyburg Castle was mentioned for the first time in 1027. Its original name “Chuigeburg”...
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  Castle Leuk
Originally, probably an early Romanesque Tower (11-13 Century) with a constructive dwelling and city wall. First authentically mentioned...
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  Maienfeld, Village and house of Heidi
She often walked to Rofels and on the Alp Ochsenberg above Maienfeld (nowadays called Heidialp-Cottage). She could not help but be...
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  Schaffhausen with Munot fortress
The imposing Munot Fortress, Schaffhausen's landmark built by its citizens from 1564-1589, towers above the medieval town of Schaffhausen....
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The town is dominated by the famous hills of Valeria and Touribllon. The cathedral accommodates a rare yet famous gem, the world's...
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